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May 2024

We hired T's Complete Move twice recently. The first was a move from a house to a retirement home. Theresa also looked after decluttering and downsizing during this move. The second move was from a room to another room in the same retirement facility. Both moves were handled expertly and efficiently. Theresa's crew were great to work with. We would highly recommend T's Complete Move for all of your moving needs
Ken Yeates and Dave Springett

Cambridge, ON

Work Completed: Moved client to a new suite within his retirement facility, reorganizing according to best fit.


April 2024

Theresa [and her team] were punctual, efficient and helpful; I have used her services more than once and I have been very happy every time.

Monica Gradin

Kitchener, ON

Work Completed: An interal move, T's packed, moved, unpacked and set up new apartment


April 2024

The team at T's was great to deal with.Theresa was quick to respond to my quote request and she had helpful suggestions.On the day of the event her team,including Theresa arrived on time and were quick and efficient. They were polite and respectful of my aunt's belongings and were fine with us wandering around the apartment as they worked. Their quote for the job was very accurate. As a result of their skilful packing nothing was broken during the move. They made a difficult situation much easier to deal with. I recommend them.

Doug Shantz

Kitchener, ON

Work Completed: Packed contents in preparation for mover

March 2024

Dear Theresa. Just a quick note of heartfelt thanks for all that you have done for us throughout this move. Your calming professionalism carried us through many a tough situation and we are grateful. You always had a helpful answer for any question posed. I will certainly pass your name along to anyone on the move. I am sincerely grateful that your name was suggested to me way back when. Thanks to you and Sam. 
All the best,

Heather and Bill Spall

Waterloo, ON

Work Completed: Packed contents to be moved and donated, organized movers for move and removal, unpacked and settled in to new home

February 2024

This was not my first time using T's Complete Move but it was the biggest. I doubt I could have done this huge move without the efficient, yet kind, organisational skills of T and Sam. Boxes were colour coded for three different drop off locations which made it so easy for both the movers and me. They kept on task throughout the planning and kept me focused. I can't thank them enough.

Ingrid Jacobson

Guelph/Toronto, ON

Work Completed: Packed contents to be moved, sorting and labelling for outside storage, unit locker, suite for best mover communication and organization. Packed and removed waste and donation

December 2023

Hi Theresa,

Sam was a real star…a hard worker for sure…I would recommend your company to anyone needing your services…thank you.


Elmira, ON

Work Completed: Packed client for her residential move in preparation for mover

December 2023

We made a last minute decision to employ help moving from our house to an apartment. Theresa’s company was referred to us and we are very pleased with the service she provided. We are seniors and this move required support. We were very pleased and would recommend her highly.

Jeannette Jesperson

Waterloo, ON

Work Completed: Packed clients in preparation for moving residences


November 2023

I had the pleasure to work with Theresa and her team on two projects this fall. She was great to work with and very professional. She was able to accomplish things in a few days that would have taken me weeks to do. I live thousands of miles away but I was able to work closely with Theresa throughout every step. I already know I will work with her again in the future!

Gillian Nielsen, for Family Member

New Mexico, USA

Work Completed: Pack, moved, unpacked client from moving from his home to his retirement suite. The home was then decluttered and prepared for sale, sorting and packing for waste, donation, pharmaceuticals, and hh hazardous waste. Donated hygiene products, clothing to homeless population. Donated household and furnishings to a variety of donation centers.

October 2023

We simply left the details to someone else and this allowed us to focus in on the emotional part of the move!! Theresa and her team were efficient, organized and reliable. This was our second move and i wouldn't hesitate to use T's complete move again in the future.

Martha Wallace for Family Member

Waterloo, ON

Work Completed: Packed clients for internal move from one retirement suite to another, organized movers and unpacked and settled in, including hanging art


September 2023

I first heard of Teresa's service from a friend in British Columbia who saw it online and in a magazine out there. In reality, it turned out I lived just around the corner from her for 35 years in Guelph.
Small world!
In any event, being a senior I was happy to contact Teresa and utilize her services. While part of her service is to "declutter", I was able to do that myself; however Teresa helped me with a schematic for
furniture placement in my new abode, packed me up in half a day just prior to moving date - and got me out, and in, on-time as she promised to do. She is very competent, business-like yet listens to your
concerns, is great with detail, and has the art-of-packing in her grasp. All kinds of items whether delicate, heavy, cumbersome, or awkward - she can figure it out. I would not hesitate to refer Teresa to anyone, but particularly seniors, who find the upheaval of moving at this time in their life to be daunting, worrisome, unsettling and
mind-boggling. She is a very grounded yet kind, sympathetic gets-things-done kind of lady who handles your items and
keepsakes as she would her own. I couldn't have handled this upheaval without her expertise, calm exterior, and great great work ethic.
Thank you Teresa, Sam and Mike.

Sandra Hill

Guelph, ON

Work Completed: Work Completed: Packed clients for downsized move from large home, organized movers and unpacked and settled in.


September 2023

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value

Very efficient, compassionate and great team members. We would highly recommend the service.

Esther and Keith Devolin

Guelph, ON

Work Completed: Packed clients for downsized move from large home, organized movers and unpacked and settled in.

August 2023

Theresa and her team work magic! T’s Complete Move packed and emptied a large home and set up an apartment for us with calm, competence, care and speed. This service greatly reduced the stress of downsizing. I highly recommend T’s Complete Move for all the services they offer.

Monica Buza

For Guelph, ON

Work Completed: Created floor plan, packed, organized mover, unpacked and settled in to new 2 bedroom apartment. Returned to home to declutter and prepare for sale.


July 2023

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

Theresa has moved me in the past as to why I went back to her. She is very warm friendly. And reaches out for any problems you may have through the entire move before and after. They pack up everything with care and wrapping things in proper order. And replace items again where they go. Thank you and your team . Jenny

Jenny Hearle

Pickering, ON

Work Completed: Packed, organized mover, unpacked and settled in from Guelph to Pickering, ON


July 2023

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Theresa and her team arrived on time and packed up our overcrowded 2nd floor in one visit. Their compassionate, non-judgemental approach made us feel comfortable and positive. They also arranged to provide assistance with moving heavy furniture items out so that we can paint and re-floor the entire 2nd floor of our home. Theresa and her team have staged the process and will be helping us with other large and daunting tasks as we prepare our home for sale. We highly recommend T’s Complete Move services

Bob and Lorel Paquet

Waterloo, ON

Work Completed: Sorted contents of upper floor of home in preparation for renovations, packing and delivering donations to donation center

June 2023

Hi Theresa,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the job Sam and Michael did for us!

They arrived on time and set to work right away. They worked really hard and once done, left everything neatly stacked with no obstructions.

Very happy that we chose your company.


Elaine and Jay

New Dundee, ON

Work Completed: Partial pack of home - kitchen, dining, lamps, decor, art, books - in preparation for moving day

June 2023

Two neighbours came by today to ask all about you...I gave rave reviews..

Also the new owners were here and wowed at the nearly empty house..their real estate agent asked for your passed it on..

Thanks again for everything...


Margaret MacIllan

Guelph, ON

Work Completed: Decluttered home, pre-move, in preparation for future move and closing, sorting, packing for donation and waste. Organized furniture pick up and delivered household hazardous waste to waste facility

May 2023

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

My husband and I agreed we would have been "stupid" if we had we not engaged T's Complete Move. This was the least stressful move out of 15. We didn't end up with sore joints and stiff muscles. The movers were fast and experienced. The packers took photos and labeled every single item and box. In our new place we were consulted about placement only when necessary. My kitchen and closets were organized just as I like them. Taking all the boxes and packing materials away for reuse made our house feel like home immediately.

Diane Craig

Guelph, ON

Work Completed: Packed in preparation for mover. Unpacked and set up contents in clients' new home with recommendations and client direction and approval

May 2023

Theresa and her team provided the services I needed when downsizing from a 2 bedroom bungalow to a smaller 2 bedroom apartment, and provided them at a reasonable rate. They were professional, hard workers and fun to work with. Theresa was easily reachable for questions and concerns and always approachable and understanding. She provides a complete range of services required for such a move, or only the specific services a client requests. I would definitely recommend T’s Complete Move for anyone needing assistance for a move, but particularly for seniors.

Adele Graham

Waterloo, ON

Work Completed: Packed, moved, unpacked, working with client to set up contents in clients' new home according to client's direction. 

April 2023

Hello Theresa. It was a pleasure meeting you and your crew. They and you are incredible workers and humanitarians and a pleasure to work with.

Family of K. Craig

Guelph, ON

Work Completed: Decluttered home, post move, in preparation for Realtor staging and listing. Bonus note: Found hundreds of $$$$ in very full back yard shed, inside an old metal fishing tackle box, that the owners were not aware of and had long forgotten.


Mar 2023

Hi Theresa:

Thank you again for all your help today.  You made things flow so easily and we truly appreciate all your hard work.  

Thanks again!  You have a great team!  

Beth Andrews

Cambridge, ON

Work Completed: Packed, moved, unpacked client, setting up contents in clients' new retirement home, including arranging and hanging art.


March 2023

Hiring T's Complete Move is the best decision I've made in a long time! As a senior lady with supportive but busy children, and moving out of a house I'd been in for over 50 years, I knew I needed help to pack, move and unpack. Theresa and her crew were cheerful, friendly, helpful and professional in everything they did. Her flexible approach allowed me to get as much help as I needed in the areas I felt were most important. She charged for what they actually did and it ended up being less than her estimate. Money very well spent! I'm looking forward to having her de-clutter (ie empty) my house next.

Marg Wallace

Waterloo, ON

Work Completed: Packed, moved, unpacked client, setting up contents in clients' new home according to client's direction


February 2023

Hi Theresa. This is a thank you note for all that you and your team did. I am very happy with the way things got arranged. Thank you also goes to Sam and Jesse. Everything went so smoothly. Thanks again. 

Kathy Crain

Guelph, ON

Work Completed: Packed, moved, unpacked, setting up contents in clients' new home in suitable orientation, and hung all artwork.

Dec 2022

Hi Theresa. Thanks again for an amazing job at my parents' house. It couldn't have gone better. My parents are as grateful as I am for the expert way you coordinated everything and for your skilled & hardworking team.

Tina Marshall

Guelph, ON

Work Completed: Sorted packed, moved, unpacked and set up select contents in clients' new home, and simultaneously prepared home for stager, packing and removing contents to offsite storage, coordinating movers and removers for waste and donation.

Nov 2022

Hi Theresa. You and your team were fantastic.  You did a lovely job and I liked the team atmosphere.  It was a very stressful time for the whole family but you helped so much.  Caroline is very happy and a big part of that is that she was so happy to see her home transported so exactly in the apartment and things were so easy to find.  So a great big thank you to you and your packers and movers.  I will be recommending you!

Brenda Moen and Family

Guelph, ON

Work Completed: Packed, moved, unpacked and set up select contents for client's new home replicating client's home environment for familiarity, aesthetics and comfort.

October 2022


Teresa, on behalf of my family I would like to extend our Thanks to you and your crew. We were reviewing our mothers move, Guelda Sugden , and we all felt the same about the terrific service that you provided. The excellent communication through the process, attention to detail and the packing and moving of the household. But most of all the friendliness and compassionate attitude of the crew put all 5 of at ease that day and helped make it a easier time on all of us. We were also extremely pleased with the state of cleanliness the house was left in. This allowed us to show the house immediately and move on. THANKS so much again.

Rodney Matchett and Family

Guelph, ON

Work Completed: Packed, moved, unpacked and set up select contents for client's new home, returning to original home to declutter and empty, sorting and disseminating to waste and donation, and cleaning home in preparation for listing 

August 2022

I wisht to thank you for the excellence of your and your team's work.  Thanks, too, for Sam's help with my Ear Phone setup.

Everything has worked out well.

Dave and Beth Clutchey

Waterloo, ON

Work Completed: The second move for this client, moving from one suite to two separate suites - consulted with client for two floor plans for best furniture fit, packed/moved/unpacked two suites, hanging art, settling in, connecting electronics and removing balance of furniture. 

August  2022

Theresa's team was so professional and empathetic. They anticipated questions I had and provided options. They made the moving process less stressful and were a source of support. The best moving experience I have ever had.

Work Completed: Sorted contents of client's home for donation and waste and disseminated same. 

Andrea Charron

Waterloo, ON


July 2022

I cannot thank you enough for getting me through this move. You and your team provided such invaluable help. I am in awe of all you did. Thanks

Sue and Dave Pennington

Waterloo, ON

Work Completed: Created floor plan, packed, moved, unpacked and set up select contents for client's new home, returning to original home to declutter and empty, sorting and disseminating to waste and donation. 

July 2022

Thanks again to you an dyour tema for your services before, during and now after the move from my parents' place to Luther Village

Shannon Pennington

Waterloo, ON

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