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Seniors' Services

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If you are thinking about moving and could use some hands-on assistance and support, consider T's Complete Move as your resource.


Not only do we plan and implement all moving tasks that occur before the moving truck arrives at your door, but we also help you to unpack and organize your new home.


You ask...We do…


T's Complete Move works with you to manage and implement all aspects of your move. Think of us as the hands to carry out your moving tasks.

We can manage the entire move project, or á la carte….  A move project requires dozens of hours of hands-on sorting, disseminating, packing, organizing etc. from start to finish.  If your family members live out of town or have busy daily schedules, we fill in the gaps.


Easy Does It - Start Small


Moving house feels like a daunting task and overwhelming in the beginning. It is, and it isn’t. There is a lot to do, but the solution is simply to start small. We'll focus on a specific area of your home, working with you. You will be surprised what we can accomplish in just half a day to get you started. Then, you can assess what you can do and where you need T's to help you complete the project.


What We Do


Please see "Services - Moving Services" for a full description.

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