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Estate & Trust Services 

help moving, packing

If you are an Estate & Trust Services Officer or Manager, consider T's Complete Move as your resource to help you manage and implement estate liquidations. 


In Summary…


T's Complete Move  is a “one stop shop” for Trust Officers of Estates and Trust Services, managing all aspects of residential estate liquidation. We prepare the home for sale, clear the home once sold, and sell salable household contents through our online auction, Alston Bid. We also provide knowledgeable Realtor connections.


Preparing the Home for Sale/Clearing the Home Post-SaleT's Complete Move   works with Estates and Trust Services Trust Officers/Managers to prepare the estate home for sale. T’s assembles the appropriate team to sort and implement all household contents for waste and donation and ensures the home is cleaned and staged. Once the home is sold, T’s will remove all remaining contents from the home either through sale (Alston Bid), donation or waste disposal.


Selling Goods to Maximize Estate Value: Through our online auction company, Alston Bid, salable items are sorted/retained to stage the home and then put on online auction after the home is sold, maximizing the estate liquidation results. Anything of value can be sold via our online auction. We can work with your appraisers to assist with providing our Bidders with information about key and high value pieces.



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