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Families of Seniors

Seniors Move help

If you are a family member assisting your parent/s with a move to an apartment, condo or independent / assisted living in a retirement community but have geographic and/or schedule barriers, consider

T's Complete Move as your resource...


…A move project requires dozens of hours of sorting, organizing, disseminating (via donation, sale or disposal), packing, etc. from start to finish.  If you live out of town, work full time and have busy daily schedules, we can manage the entire move project or fill in the gaps for your family


It also helps to have an objective third party working together with the family to facilitate the move planning and logistics and one that can provide expertise and provide answers to questions regarding the move, the new facility and more.


What We Do


We work with your parent(s) in a respectful manner, assisting with any or all of the the move project.


Please see "Services" for a full description.

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