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June 2022

Theresa.   Did a quick check of Shirley's apartment earlier today.  A tremendous thank you to you and your team. You did a fantastic job clearing everything out.

Karen and Bill Colvin

Guelph, ON

Work Completed: Sorted, packed, disseminated for donation and waste and collected and disseminated useful items for "The Bench" servicing the homeless population in Guelph, ON. 

June 2022

Hi Theresa…..Thank you for all your help and so professionally completed. 

My parents are in and we are done!   They will need some TLC over  the next few weeks but we are happy they are now settled in their new suite.

Regards ….

Lynn Brubacher


May 2022

5 star Google Review: My family was extremely impressed with Theresa and her team. They were professional, organized and compassionate.
We downsized and moved my dad into a retirement home and they turned an overwhelming situation into a manageable one.
Highly recommend.

Meaghan Douse

Brighton, ON

Work Completed: Created floor plan, packed, moved, unpacked and set up select contents for client's new home, returning to original home to declutter and empty, sorting and disseminating to waste and donation. Collected usable clothing and hygiene products, distributing directly to the homeless population in Kitchener and Guelph

May 2022

Thanks,Theresa.  The move went very well. The movers were quick and they on their way in 1/2 an hour. Your helpers are the best.  They were speedy in unpacking. They put things in the cupboards and I didn’t have to tell where. I will recommend you and your company to everyone I know.  My sister was here also and she was really impressed with your people. 

Carol Raymond

Kitchener, ON

Work Completed: Packed, moved, and unpacked contents of home for declutter, and subsequently for move; set up new home for client.

April 2022

You have a great team

Linda Groundsell

Cambridge ON

Work Completed: Packed, moved and unpacked within building, moving and setting up from a one bedroom and suite to a two bedroom, including hanging art


March 2022

You guys did a fantastic job. I'm so glad you were able to help us. Sam and Jesse were so nice and you definitely have the touch. Thank you again for all you did for my Mom.

Fred Geimer

Kitchener, ON

Work Completed: Created floor plan for new residence, organized mover, unpacked, hung art and and settled in retirement residence.


February, 2022

Thank you very much to you and your team.  We have often said we could not have done this move without you, Samantha and Jesse.   It just blows us away how massive this job is, and how you are able to deal with it in a calm and planned way

Carl and Margaret Davey

Mannheim, ON

Work Performed: Completed floor plan for new residence, organized decluttering, preparing home for sale, connecting required services, selling household items online. Set plan for packing, unpacking and settling in, dissemination of household contents to family members, while working with Realtor and staging plans.


February, 2022

Theresa was very responsive throughout the process.  Her team members Sam and Jesse were excellent professional packers while at the same time being kind and compassionate with my Mom.  Moving is a stressful process, especially when moving into care for health reasons, using Theresa’s company helped greatly in reducing the stress and easing the transition.  I highly recommend Theresa, Sam and Jesse.

Lisa Ferries

Pickering, Ontario

Work Performed: Attended home of client's family member to pack for move to her new senior retirement residence


January 2022

Good morning Theresa

Yes, I am pleased the final invoice was less than the estimate.  But I am been more pleased with the quality of your company's service.  Noteworthy were the efficiency, care, and completeness of the project.  Your efforts to accommodate some of my [requests] is also is appreciated.  


David and Beth Clutchey

Waterloo, ON

Work Performed: Packed and disseminated remaining home contents to donation and waste to clear home in preparation for realtor and contractor refurnishment. Arranged 2nd delivery of furniture to new retirement suite.

January 2022

Good morning Theresa

When I arrived the suite was already perfectly set up - Clothes unpacked and stored, furniture in place as I had envisioned it, TV , and computer hooked up, ready for the Rogers technician. I was delighted -  I did not and have not changed a thing.

You and your ‘crew’ were a pleasure to work with, efficient, professional, and carefully thoughtful of our possessions.   I am sorry I was not there to thank each one in person.

The Movers?  My goodness, their skills, efficiency and speed was extraordinary.

We are both quite happy to be here and grateful to all who helped us on our journey. I would be pleased to recommend you.

Staywell, and our best regards to you and your team.

Dave and Beth Clutchey

Waterloo, ON

Work Performed: Packed clients' home contents for move to retirement living suite; hired and directed movers for furniture placement, unpacked and settled in to new suite, making bed, setting up lighting, fitting contents into new spaces optimizing space and utility.

December 2021

Hi Theresa. We're very impressed with you and your crew. 100% professionals.  Will definitely recommend you to others! God Bless you all. I'll be sure to leave you a 5 star Google Review.

Greg and Karin Eschweiler

Cambridge, ON

Work Performed:Packed / moved / upacked client's family member for retirement home living (and she loves it).  Sorted, prepared and disseminated donation and waste from this large home; organized and oversaw removal and moving services.


December 2021

Dear Theresa. Many thanks to you & your wonderful team, Sam & Jess for the wonderful service.  I highly recommend your services to all. You made a nightmare of a move from Guelph to Toronto for two senior citizens so much easier.  What seemed overwhelming was made doable!  Our gratitude to you & your wonderful team.  Have a wonderful Christmas & New Year!!

Anne & Kevin McNiff

Toronto, ON

Work Performed: Sorted, prepared and disseminated donation and waste, organized specialized and moving services, packed contents for temporary storage, and packed and unpacked for move to new home


November 2021

Theresa....Just wanted to say thanks again, your team were terrific. I couldn't have made my move without you.

Frank V

Waterloo, ON

Work Performed: Packed contents for move to new home, for storage destination and donation; organized removal and dissemination/transportation of same

August 2021

Thank you so much for your organization and preparation for Mom's move from Granite Landing. Your assisance and expertise has been invaluable and made this change less stressful.

Maureen Hinan

Gueph, ON

Work Performed: Packed contents of suite and arranged for pick up and move to temporary storage facility.

July 2021

I recently hired T’s Complete Move for a “fragile pack “ (breakables, lamps, art, some kitchen items). I couldn’t have been more pleased with the result. The team was very efficient, and professional while still maintaining a warm and friendly manner. T's also made arrangements for my actual move . Again the service was excellent.
I would definitely recommend T’s Complete Move to my family and friends.
Treba Garrett

Guelph, ON

Work Performed: Packed kitchen, china, antique glass, and artwork in preparation for her move.


July 2021

Hello Theresa: My son and daughter are very impressed with your packers. They say it has all  been very  organized and the house looks great, so thank you for that.

Marg and Bruce Donaldson

Guelph, ON

Work Performed: Packed home in absence of owners, organizing for move to storage facility until future new home is ready for permanent move.

June 2021

You and your team literally saved my sanity not to mention my back. You do awesome work!

Sheila and Mike Mitchell

Guelph, ON
Work Performed: Prepared home for timely listing - approximately 60 team hours over 3 days to quickly turn this home around and ready for Realtor photos. The team packed and stored excess contents and personal items in preparation for a future move, thus opening up this home to best present it's features.

May 2021

When our mom passed away and it was time to sell her condo, we turned to Theresa again for her support. We had worked with her before when our mom downsized from the family home, and we knew how professional she and her staff were. One of the challenges was that we needed all services coordinated virtually as we live in other provinces and could not return due to COVID19 travel restrictions. The move management service was excellent. Theresa worked with us to sort and implement all contents for move, donation and waste disposal. Theresa was very respectful, patient, trustworthy, organized and professional which was essential during this difficult time.

Cindy Holmes and Brent Holmes

Victoria, BC and Calgary, AB

Work Performed: Sorted condo contents virtually with long distance clients, organized pack and dissemination of same to out of province family members via long distance mover sourcing and contract; sourced local mover to make in-province delivery; packed and delivered gift to family friends; packed and disseminated donation to  local church group, local homeless population and retail donation organization; collected waste and toxic for dissemination to local waste disposal facility.


May 2021

We just want to say a huge thank you to Theresa and her crew for an amazing job moving my parents from their home to University Gates. Everything was perfect and floor plan you made couldn’t not have worked out better. Thank you so much for everything. Highly recommend your services.
Irene Kreutner

Waterloo, ON

Work Performed:  Developed floor plan for 1300 sq ft retirement suite: measured and laid out floor plan on grid at retirement residence; measured client's furniture and oriented for best utility, placement and fit. Packed for move, hired and oversaw movers, unpacked and settled in to new suite, making bed, setting up lighting, fitting contents into new spaces optimizing space and utility.


March 2021

Congrats on your work anniversary!  Hello Theresa:  I have had the pleasure of working with you in the past two years of your ten year business. Always a positive working experience. 


Glen Froom, Glen’s Senior Services

Guelph, ON


February 2021

Hi T's Complete Move:

Thanks you so much for helping my Mom and especially me transition to her new room.

It is greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day.

R. Turner, Halton Region

Work Performed: Completed a temporary internal move within a retirement residence by packing/boxing all contents in original suite for future move and moving same to new temporary suite. Ensured furniture placement was comfortable and space was sufficient for walker. 

January, 2021

Well done Theresa. My dad and his friend were thoroughly impressed with what you did. 

Thanks Again. 

Wayne Mather

Vancouver, BC 

Work Performed: Developed floor plan of the one bedroom retirement suite in Waterloo, ON: measured and laid out floor plan on grid at retirement residence; measured client's furniture in offsite storage locker and oriented furniture for best utility, placement and fit. Worked with client's family member long distance to select favourite art pieces, uncovering same from second storage locker, hired and oversaw movers, unpacked and settled in to new suite, making bed, setting up lighting, hanging art, and recreating to specific requirements for furniture and decor.

November 2020

With my Mom in a hospital in Canada, and I living in Australia and the Covid 19 pandemic raging, the Team at T's Complete Move was able to transition my Mom into a Retirement Village in a matter of a couple of weeks. Many thanks for all of the assistance and the great job that you did with the move.  My Mom thinks that the set up was perfect and she really loves all of her furniture, knickknacks, and pictures where they were placed.  Let's just say that "it is her style and she likes it".  She has been sitting in the black chair and admiring everything.

Ted Schaefer

Sydney, Australia

Work Performed: Developed floor plan of the one bedroom retirement suite: measured and laid out floor plan on grid at retirement residence; measured client's furniture and oriented for best utility, placement and fit. Worked with client's family member long distance and local friend to understand client's favourite and must have furniture, clothing, decor, and other essentials/wants. Packed for move, hired and oversaw movers, unpacked and settled in to new suite, making bed, setting up lighting, hanging art, and recreating to specific requirements for furniture and decor.

November 2020

Thank you Theresa - for your efficient, caring service. Your patience with the vagaries of this move was truly appreciated. You are a gem - so glad we called you.

Helen Stoez for family member, Waterloo, ON

Work Performed: Stage 1: Moved client from his home of many years to a retirement community, creating a floor plan to ensure furniture fit; packed for move, hired and oversaw movers, unpacked and settled in ie connecting TV, lights, making bed, putting kitchen items away, hanging art, etc. Stage 2: Decluttered home to prepare for listing.Disposed of all waste, including toxic, arranged for donation pick up, retained items for auction. Stage 3: Catalogued and prepared for online auction of value contents.

November 2020

Hi Theresa,

Thank you again for a great move!  You are the Best!

We stopped in today to see how she was and she was enjoying her new room.  She likes the view and where you put her chair.  She also thought it was so cozy with the 2 other pink chairs set up in the other room.  I think she will get used to it quickly.

Take Care Theresa, and thanks again,

Sylvia (for her Mom, Cambridge, ON)

Work Performed: Completed an internal move within a retirement residence, recreating the furniture orientation and content placement from one suite to another. Lots of photos to get the curio cabinet contents placed just so. Additional complexities in these COVID days, completing moves with clients absent from the scene.


October, 2020

I want to express again how much I appreciate the hard work and dedication of you and your staff. It was a very big job and I could never have done it alone. I am grateful too for the hard work of the movers, in spite of complications, including those caused by me! I will take my time finishing the few remaining boxes. It’ll take a while to find the “new home” for some stuff and fine tuning according to our own preferences. I would definitely recommend your service to others, in fact I already have, many times.
Thanks again,

Jack and Dianna-Lyn Paleczny

Waterloo, ON

Work Performed: Packed for move from home to 1 bedroom + den, 2 bath retirement residence. Worked with movers for furniture placement according to client's floor plan, unpacked and settled in bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms and removed packing materials; clients' preferred to use a 2 week isolation period to complete the den unpack. 


October, 2020

It was a pleasure to work with your and your team.  I would certainly recommend you and your company. 
Joyce McLellan

Waterloo, ON

Work Performed: Created floor plan for move from house to 2 bedroom, 2 bath retirement residence. Packed for move, recruited and oversaw movers for furniture placement according to floor plan, unpacked,and settled in, removed packing materials.

September 2020

Thanks so much for all your efforts Teresa. We are enormously grateful. Just so relieved everything worked out and that you were able to donate some items to the Recovery Room. I let my Mom know and she was very pleased.

All the best to you and your incredible team!

Elizabeth C

Cambridge, ON

Work Performed: Decluttered and emplied home in preparation for closing, having moved resident to a retirement community at an earlier date. Sorted all waste from donation, packing same for removal, overseeing removal, donating useful items to local charity.


June 2020

Hi Theresa.

I wanted to let you know that Lori and I were at the house on Sunday for a final cleanup.   I was very impressed to see how good the movers that you hired had done their job.   No wall scratches at all !!!    Fantastic.

Also, I received your package in the mail today - my goodness, extremely well documented and very clear and concise.  Thank you so much.

If ever you need a reference or a testimony said about you and the type of work that you do, please do not hesitate to ask me.    It would be my absolute pleasure to recommend you to anyone who is looking for a truly professional person to do this type of work.

Again, both Lori and I thank you very much for your services and are extremely glad that Tyson gave us your name to contact.

Be well, stay safe and best regards, Jim.

Jim and Lori Nopper

Alliston, ON

Work Performed: Decluttered Guelph, ON home preparing same for sale, catalogued and conducted online auction of home contents,organized auction pickup with new COVID protocol including delivering all auction lots to winning bidders at curbside, ensured home was completely empty for closing date, working in conjuction with Planet Realty and Macho Movers of Guelph, ON


May 2020

Wow Theresa! The place looks fantastic! Thank you so much. I'm so glad you were able to donate some of the furniture etc. and food and toiletries. That's wonderful. And it's great you were able to fit what [our family] wanted to keep in the
storage unit. Thank you for dropping off the various keys, the bell box/remotes and Louis Vuitton bag.
It is wonderful to be able to give notice and have [the apartment] all sorted out.
Thanks again,

Guelph, ON

Work Performed: Collecting and sorting all waste from donation, packing same for removal, overseeing removal, donating useful items to local outdoor temporary charity, "The Bench", completely emptying apartment, cleaning same, and delivering items to storage.


May 2020

I recently relocated from Waterloo to Toronto and,upon the recommendation of my mover,used the packing services of T's Complete Move.I cannot say enough about the efficiency,organization and professionalism of this company.

They arrived on schedule prior to my move and worked tirelessly wrapping all my possessions and packing them in cartons to prevent breakage and damage.

This proved true as they unpacked at my new location. All my worldly goods were put away in a timely,organized and logical fashion. I did not have to relocate anything!

Using T's Complete Move saved me hours of work and took care of the procurement and disposal of boxes and wrapping materials.

I highly recommend this wonderful service. 


Lois Wichman ( a very satisfied customer)

Toronto, ON

Work Performed: Packing all contents including lots of art! in Waterloo, ON, and unpacking same in Toronto, ON, ensuring proper placement in cupboards, cabinets, etc as per client direction.  And of course, removing all packing supplies. We follow COVID protocol protection with masks, gloves, physical distancing.

May 2020

Everything has appeared where I expected so far, and I'm feeling nicely settled and less exhausted than I would have if I'd done it alone.  Thanks for everything Theresa!!

Dorothy McCrady

Guelph, ON

Work Performed: Packing, mover organization and oversight, unpacking and settling in, all while following COVID protocol protection with masks, gloves, physical distancing. Client provided instructions and left the team to perform the packing, moving and unpacking activities. 


March 2020

Just a quick note to add my thanks to Joan’s.   You and your team were awesome and we are so glad we got your help with this. I will be sure to recommend you to everyone  I can!

Glen and Joan Dyrda

Kitchener, ON

Work Performed: Packing home in preparation for move.

March 2020

Theresa and her team were extremely helpful to our family and the process of decluttering.  She was highly professional and I would recommend her services to anyone to ease the transition of downsizing or dealing with an estate.

Lauren de Rijcke

Guelph, ON

Work Performed: Organization and packing, dissemination to waste, donation. Connection with shredding service; connection with scrap metal pick up and for sale of household goods.

March 2020

She is proficient, reliable, respectful, and caring. She really knows how to conduct an honest business and treats her employees and employers with the utmost respect. I highly recommend Theresa.

Mireille Martinez, Active Tutoring

Guelph, ON

Context: Mireille worked as a team member with T's Complete Move in 2019.

Dec 2019

It was a complete pleasure dealing with you, and as I said, I offer highest recommendations for the speed and thoroughness of your work. The electricians came at 9 today to remove certain light fixtures, and tomorrow the boxes of books will disappear. Progress is being made! And for that, a big hearty thank-you to you!

Fred and Melva Graham

Village by the Arboretum, Guelph, ON

Work Performed: Packing for move and donation, organization. 


November 2019

I can not thank Theresa  enough for her care of my father during his move from the Village at the Arboretum to Arbor Trails.  My father had wanted to make this move for a long time, but the prospect of actually moving has been daunting for him.    It has been a large weight on the minds of me and my siblings as to how to coordinate the move, especially for me as I live in Colorado.  When the definite  decision to move happened he contacted  T's Complete Move based on several recommendations.    What a fantastic decision that was!    Theresa's professionalism showed through at every step of the move.   She was able to give advice on what items to bring and coordinated all aspects of the move.   Packing, moving and unpacking seemed as smooth as could possibly be hoped for.   My father and I stayed in the old house to supervise the movers while T's team worked in the new apartment in Arbor Trails.   What a joy it was to walk into the apartment and find all the furniture placed perfectly and all the boxes unpacked.   The apartment was so warm and welcoming! She has also coordinated all aspects of donated items that are not needed by my father or family and getting the house ready for the new owners.   Her calm reassuring presence made this transition into my fathers next stage in life so much smoother!

Shona Murray

Colorado Springs, CO

Work Performed: Creating floor plan, packing home contents, mover oversight, unpacking/settling in, clearing home for donation and waste, preparing home for closing.


May 2019

We are sending you this note to thank you for your expert care and advice with the move to our new home. We appreciated all your expert knowledge about moves for seniors.  We could find most things the next day which was remarkable, moving from a house to a 2 bedroom apartment. I especially want to thank Eve who waited with us for the truck so we had a chance to chat.  She is very competent also. I hope the auction goes well.  We will certainly recommend you to our friends.

Elizabeth and Ron Taborek

Guelph, ON

Work Performed: Creating floor plan, packing home contents, mover oversight, unpacking/settling in, clearing home for donation and waste, cataloguing and auctioning salable items.

May 2019

Theresa and team,

We want to thank you and your team for your excellent services for the move.

When mom (Shirley Ann) decided it was time to sell her house of 50 years and downsize to a condo, we all knew that we would need a moving service that could provide extra support and coordination given that her adult children live in Calgary and Victoria. The move management service provided peace of mind and helped reduce stress and the online auction, packing and unpacking services were excellent! Your team members were very respectful, kind, patient, organized, efficient and professional. We felt very well supported and enjoyed working with them all.

We highly recommend T’s Complete Move! Thank you!

Cindy Holmes and Shirley Ann Holmes

Guelph, ON, Calgary, AB

Work Performed: Packing home contents, mover oversight, unpacking/settling in, cataloguing and auctioning salable items.


May 2019

Thank you to all,

Mary Jane and I are finally home and wiped out. Everyone today did a fantastic job in helping us move my sister, Mary  from St. Catharines to Brampton. Please also send our thanks along to Geoff and Jeff (who are not on this email chain).

As always Theresa, you're expertise in facilitating these moves was impeccable. You and your team have our gratitude and our highest recommendation for anyone who may require your services!

Thank you again,

Rick & Mary Jane Pos

Work Performed: Packing, mover oversight, unpacking family member in St. Catharines and Brampton. This is our 5th time working with this client, who wins the title of our Most Frequent Flyer to date.

April 2019

Good afternoon, Theresa:

I wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful service you provided me as I moved from my home into the new retirement home.  You were very thorough and I appreciate all of the time you spent with me and my family to listen to my needs and make the move as smooth as it could possibly be.  You respected my home and my possessions and took great care to ensure that everything was protected and cared for.  The time you spent going over what would work in my new place was great and it has meant that my new home is welcoming, comfortable and feels like home to me.  I also appreciate the decluttering you did in consultation with me and my family and the auction that you set up and ran to deal with all of the extra items that were left over.  You were well organized, communicated clearly and frequently throughout the process and showed tremendous respect for my property and my wishes. It made the whole process of moving into a new location easy and without stress and for that I am grateful.  Please feel free to use me if you are looking for a recommendation or a reference.

Peter Moore, Guelph, ON

Work Performed: Created floor plan of new suite, packed up home contents, oversaw movers and unpacked and settled in, decluttered home, catalogued and auctioned items for sale.


March 2019

Theresa, thanks so very much for organizing my move to The Village of Arbour Trails and for completing the decluttering process so efficiently that the entire experience was stress free for me. I will recommend your services to any of my friends anticipating a similar move.

Harold Quinn, Guelph

Work Performed: Created floor plan of new suite, packed up home contents, oversaw movers and unpacked and settled in, decluttered home, catalogued and auctioned items for sale.


March 2019

Thanks Theresa for your great service today!

Mike Lee-Poy and Tom Brown, Kitchener, ON

Work Performed: Team worked together with client to pack family home in preparation for next day move.


March 2019

Good morning Theresa, wonderful job on the house, it looks absolutely beautiful now!

Thanks for the before/after pictures.Thank you again for all your hard work!


Eva, Guelph, ON

Work Performed: Team of 5 decluttered and cleaned home to prepare for listing, catalogued auction items for online auction, and organized movers to remove large donation items.

November 2018

Dear Theresa,

Your wonderful calmness and caring impressed me when we first talked on the phone and made me so comfortable throughout moving prep. Your team is lovely and you are a pleasure to see working with such swift and effective results. Thank you!

Katharine Papoff, Guelph, ON

Work Performed: Packed home in preparation to move to new home out of town, provided mover connection


October 21 2018

Hi Theresa,

We want to thank you and your team for a job well done.  I loved how my kitchen was organized and I didn't have to move anything.  Everything was perfect.

Thank You,

Sylvia and Steve, Branchton, ON

Work Performed: Packed and unpacked client to prepare pre home renovation and settle in post renovation.

October 17 2018

Hi Theresa. 

Things are going well here fine tuning the new apartment. We are SO happy with your work and how well you took care of a big piece of the work that would have overwhelmed us. 

Dinah Clark, BC for Family Member, Guelph, ON

Work Performed: Created floor plan of new suite, packed up home contents, oversaw movers and unpacked following day.


September 3, 2018

If you want your move to be completely stress-free hire Complete Move. Theresa and her team are thoroughly professional and personally invested in making your move as effortless and pleasant as possible.

Kathleen W. for Family Member, Kitchener to Guelph, ON

Work Performed: Packed up home contents and unpacked following day ensuring all items were put away with functionality in mind.

August 19 2018

Thanks again,Theresa, for everything you have done for Don and the rest of us. You have helped make a very difficult situation much more manageable. Much appreciated. 

Best regards,

Reid McAlpine for Family Member, Fergus, ON

Work Performed: Floor plan of new suite to ensure furniture fit, packed for move, oversaw movers, unpacked and settled in, decluttered condo and prepared for sale, conducted online auction of condo contents.


August 8 2018

They did a great job. Made it look like home.

Doug and Shirley Kilpatrick, Guelph, ON

Work Performed: Floor plan of new suite to ensure furniture fit, packed for move and donation, oversaw movers, unpacked and settled in, organized movers for move, storage, donation and auction drops, conducted online auction of condo contents.

July 3 2018

Theresa.. Both of us would like to express our thanks to you & your Team for eliminating the stress of Packing nearly 59 years  of "Stuff".  All of the Team were very efficient & also the Movers arrived promptly & did a great job packing the truck .

Thank you to your Team  who set up all the rooms in our 2 bedroom apartment even to the dishes in the cupboards.

We would highly recommend T's Complete Move to any one who is moving from a house to a Retirement facility or to another residence. It was a very successful & stress free move.

Thanks for your support & interest.

Ron & Leona Newman,  Guelph, ON

Work Performed: Packed, moved and unpacked clients, overseeing movers and furniture placement into two bedroom + dining suite. All contents put away, beds made, lights on, packing supplies removed.


May 8 2018

To Theresa and all her crew,

As everyone knows moving can be overwhelming and a stressful time.  Once I contacted Theresa all my stress and worry were taken away. Theresa successfully decluttered my mothers home, moved her into a Retirement Home, got her house ready for the market.  Theresa took care of every last detail, and did an awesome job.  Thank you for all your hard work.

I need Theresa once again to help out with our home now.  We are renovating and need everything cleaned out, ready for the contractors.  I would highly recommend Theresa, T's Complete Move.

She and her crew will take any task at hand, and make everything a smooth move, definitely taking away the stress and worry.

I can't say enough of what a great job they did. It is called T's Complete Move and that is exactly what it is.

Sylvia Jabs, Branchton, ON

April 2018

Thanks for helping us on the 13th Theresa.  Everything went as you planned it. So rare nowadays.

Larry and Janet Hamilton, Guelph, ON

Work Performed: Developed floor plans, packed, moved and unpacked clients and planned for delivery of furniture and contents to individual family members


March 16 2018

Hi Theresa,

I just wanted to thank you and your team again for everything. You were all so professional and quick at the same time. I appreciated your dedication to recycling and donation. You made a really hard job for me much easier. We are enjoying the place and extra space that has been found. Thank-you again.

Lisa and Marty, Guelph, ON

Work Performed: Cleared and disseminated items to waste and donation and prepared contents for storage, creating a comfortable, uncluttered space for our clients to enjoy day to day.

Feb 8 2018

Hi Theresa - you and your team were awesome.  I will recommend your company to any friends or family planning a move.


Liz Elliott, Kitchener, ON

Work Performed: Packed client's entire home in preparation for her move

July 12 2017

Hi Theresa,
Hope all is well with you and your business. Amazing work done by all in such a short time!

Carolyn S, Toronto, ON

Work Performed: T's Complete Move cleared this client's relative's home so that it could be placed on the market for sale. 


July 2017

Hi Theresa. Thank you for making my move to Arbour Trails easy. I am feeling settled and so wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your help with the floor plan and the whole move. The packers and movers were very professional and helpful.

Client, Guelph, ON

Work Performed: T's Complete Move organized move from the Village by the Arboretum to Arbour Trails, including floor plan, pack/move/unpack and settling in and cleared home for closing.

June 25 2017

Hi Theresa and team,

We are beginning to recover from the trauma of moving from our home of many years.  We want to thank you and your team for helping to make this as painless as possible.  Setting up someone else's belongings in  a new place obviously presents many problems and we don’t think anyone else could have done it any better.  Many thanks!

Ken and Marilyn Gregory, Waterloo, ON

Work Performed: T's Complete Move organized this move from the Village by the Arboretum to Waterloo. Pack/move/unpack and settling in, declutter pre listing, auction sale of contents and final declutter upon closing

May 19 2017

Thanks Theresa and thank you again for all the work you and your team did today,..a delightful group of women you have gathered as your staff. The decluttering went smoothly and in a very relaxed manner...I so much appreciated both.
Thank you again.

Carol Gregory, Kitchener, ON

March 29 2017

Good Morning Theresa!

Just wanted to thank you, Lynn and Pam for doing a wonderful job for my parents. You are worth every penny!  

I will continue to pass your name to anyone that needs it.  If you have any potential clients that want to talk to someone about your services please feel free to pass my name along.

Lynn Stone, Guelph, ON


Dec 29 2016

Hi Theresa,

Thank you kindly to you certainly was a pleasure dealing with you. You were a great recommendation. It was a very thorough well planned move by you and if you ever need a recommendation "I'm The One"!

Harry Bast, Paris, ON


Hello  Theresa,

I want to thank you and your team for your efficient and complete service in helping me clean out my house and prepare it for showing. Your team worked steadily and carefully with attention to detail and made many helpful suggestions.

It was a pleasure working with you and your team, and I wish you every success.

Marcia Smith, Waterloo, ON


"The whole move was wonderful!"  Quote from our clients Mr. and Mrs. R Turnbull April 2016. The Turnbulls also rated T's Complete Move at the highest level on the following post move survey questions: T's Complete Move helped to make my move easy; The packing/unpacking team was pleasant and respectful; I would recommend this service to others that need moving and decluttering help. Thank you!

Hi Theresa,

Thanks for taking care of things on short notice.  John kept me updated and said you guys did a great job.


Phil Porter, Wisconsin

We couldn't have done it without you and your team.  Met the new owners today and they were thrilled with how great the place looked. Thanks again.

John Porter, Guelph, ON

Work Performed:  Packing up a 3,800 square foot home on short notice to assist parents with their move and home closing, within the requisite timeline

Dear Theresa,
I wish to convey my thoughts on my moving decisions. They were all good, my choice of location here, the movers and the really great packers and unpackers. Your crew were such a pleasure to have around; such efficiency, humour and patience. The final touch of hanging the pictures was fun. Last night this suite became a charming place when I put a bulb into the lamp - even the clunky suite became cosy and inviting!
Many thanks to Laurie, Brian and of course ,especially to you for all the little extra things you did and your expertise.

LB, Guelph, ON

Work Performed: Packed, moved, unpacked senior lady from one home to another

THANX a MILLION from Alla and David, Cambridge, ON [Re Assist this lovely couple with creating a floor plan, packing, moving, unpacking and settling in so that the couple could move in to their new suite immediately]


T's Complete Move Solutions  achieved a small miracle when we recently moved. Although already "downsized " we asked Theresa to move us into a smaller apartment without giving up our treasured curios, books, or furniture.  Lo and behold when we arrived at our new address she had done the impossible . We were  very impressed and so were the Residence Management who asked to use our appartment as a model which resulted in a sales success. Theresa made our move absolutely free from anxiety. Her careful attention to detail, packing delicate items, and superintending the movers, followed by setting up our new home was superb.


Without hesitation or reservation I recommend to anyone contemplating a move to give Theresa the opportunity to consult with you in person and then engage her services with confidence.

David Hatt.     

Recently, our ninety-year-old parents decided to downsize to a retirement residence, leaving a very large house full of nearly fifty years of "stuff". Theresa Shelton, owner of "T's Complete Move Solutions" had been recommended to us for help. We have been very pleased with her efficient, courteous and compasssionate manner in helping us execute this move. She and her team eliminated most of the stress and anxiety we were experiencing with the reorganization, answering all of our questions and offering very practical solutions to seemingly overwhelming circumstances. Not only did the team pack up the necessary furniture and items for our parents' new life, they also set up the new apartment to make it warm and welcoming before their arrival. We would highly recommend "T's Complete Move Solutions" to any family who are facing the challenge of relocating their parents from their current overstocked home to a more efficient retirement facility.

Rick and Mary Jane, Guelph ON

This company lives up to its name "Complete Move Solutions". The service is thoughtfully rendered, geared to meet the customer's needs and professionally conducted – with care, respect and integrity.

Michelle McMillan, Guelph, ON

Hi Theresa. I want to thank you for the lovely flowers. They're still very nice! Also, to thank you for what you did for us. We found everything we needed and everything is in good shape. So thank you again. We've been telling people how pleased we were. 

Bill and Carol Fouse, Cambridge, ON


Hi Theresa: I just want to thank you for your efficiency and business-like manner. I was so glad to get into my place yesterday and today, knowing that everything was in the same place as I left it in my old place, meant the world to me.I can't say enough about the relief it was to have you and your team "just take care of everything". Right down to removing garbage, packing EVERY little thing perfectly, to packing my clothes and unpacking at the future site. I would not move any other way in the future. What a stress free move it was.

D. Wiegand, Waterloo, ON

T's Complete Move Solutions moved me from one apartment to another. It went smoothly - I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was! The Movers that T's used for my move were super, despite the challenges of the logistics. It really was all very well done, very professional. I've recommended T's Complete Move Solutions to several people now.

Joy E., Waterloo ON

Thanks, Theresa, for all your help, emotional and physical. Together we tackled a job that would have been literally impossible for me alone. As well as obviously knowing your trade inside the house, your connections to other resources and willingness to go ‘above and beyond’ to the laundromat, the beer store, and the ‘Black Cat’ was truly exceptional. I have mentioned, and will continue to mention to friends how impressed I was and to give my recommendation for your services. You are really the ‘energized bunny’! Looking forward to working with you on the other aspects of the move.

Marilyn D, Kitchener ON

Due to some unexpected closing dates, we found ourselves in a tight schedule for preparing our home for listing. Theresa entered the picture and helped us not only de-clutter our space and improve our showing, but she helped us think through some of the logistics of moving in a tactful way. She was a very helpful, thoughtful presence in an intense period of our lives, going beyond the call of duty. Thanks, Theresa!

Peter S., Guelph, ON

Again, thank you so much for all the work you've done on our behalf - I certainly could not have managed alone. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to my friends. Your promptness and professionalism was unsurpassed.Cheers!

Marie Hum, Guelph, ON

T's Complete Move Solutions was a godsend for me. We were in the midst of a family crisis, and a looming closing date on a house sale was causing unbelievable stress. There was no way we were able to clear out our family home, do all the packing up and arranging for taking it all away for donation, etc. There was just too much to do - we had no idea. With minimal direction Theresa arranged for trucks, bins, scrap removal AND sorted out the yard and house of 50 years of "hoarding" - all of this in about 4 days of scorching 35 degree heat (and no air conditioning). Theresa took the initiative for so many details, above and beyond the call of duty, when we had neither the time or energy. She is very knowledgable in deciding whether something was of value or could be recycled. I thoroughly appreciated her competency and honesty. Theresa, thank you for digging in and getting it done in time for our closing day deadline.Our family is so grateful for your help, Patsy Huether and family

Patsy Huether and family, Morriston and Guelph, ON

My garage was a disaster. For months I have been wanting to clean it, but every time that I went to the garage to start cleaning it up I got overwhelmed and left, feeling very frustrated. When I found out about Theresa’s business I hired her to give me a hand. Theresa came to my house and started moving things, sorting and cleaning, and in a matter of hours, the garage looked really good. She was motivated, focused and fast. With Theresa's help I was able to have a garage sale, and to throw away things that had been sitting in my garage for years. Since the garage was clear, I was able to get the rest of the house more organized. Theresa also gave me a lot of good tips on how to organize other parts of the house that were cluttered. Since Theresa's help, the house feels cleaner and clearer and it has a better energy flow. I will definitely hire Theresa again to help me out with more de-cluttering. She is great!

Mireille M - Guelph ON

Prior to working with T's Complete Move Solutions, moving was a nightmare. But Theresa made things so easy. Prior to my move, I had to move my furniture and a number of boxes out of a spare room, because my roommate was moving back early. We didn'’t have a lot of space to work with. – I had been dreading the task of moving my things down the stairs and trying to fit them into our tiny, cluttered crawlspace. It was so overwhelming, I think it would have taken me two evenings to reorganize everything. But Theresa has such a great eye for organization, we were done in an hour! I couldn'’t believe it. And when she called to inquire about moving trucks, she compared 6 different companies and found the one with the best price, most convenient hours, and best insurance. I would never have thought to compare insurance policies. Overall it was a very relaxed experience – I actually had fun. Thanks again Theresa.

Vanessa, Guelph, ON

Hi Theresa. I can't thank you enough! You did an amazing job and took a huge worry off my mind.

Jenn, Waterloo ON

I wanted to organize my basement. It had bothered me for many years that it wasn’t. I had made various attempts to get it done. But the task seemed overwhelming and after spending an hour or two on the task, it would seem like very little was done. I would get distracted by what I was sorting through with memories and feelings of being overwhelmed of thinking what to do with it all, how to organize it and to make the time to drive it to the dump or charity of choice. I decided to hire a company to help get it done. Theresa of T’s Complete Move Solutions scheduled my appointment promptly and brought a fresh eye to the project. Her approach was compassionate, businesslike, highly organized and professional. At the end of the first session, T's not only left with several boxes, some of which had been sitting in the basement for over a year but also delivered them to my charity of choice. I was so excited about the start to my big project that I got downstairs several times before the next appointment to sort through a few more things and to accomplish a few small tasks on my own. When the project was completed, I was so pleased with my new organized space. Not only would I have not found the time but even if I had, I would not have been able to stay on track or accomplish so much in the time that I had set aside. I would recommend T'’s Complete Move Solutions to anyone who has a project like a basement or office that they have been longing to organize, clean up and make into an organized and accessible space. This would be perfect for anyone who has recently become an empty nester or a career person who simply does not have the time to spend on his or her own home.

Brenda Aherne, Guelph ON

I had the privilege of working with Theresa Shelton in a professional marketing capacity. Theresa is an excellent manager who brings new ideas to the table to solve whatever challenges she encounters. I greatly appreciated and respected her sense of ownership of any projects. Her time management skills and her ability to multi-task are impressive. She is resourceful, fair-minded and dedicated, communicates well and builds meaningful relationships with persons on all levels. Theresa is an outstanding individual to have as an advocate working on one's behalf.

Gabriela Suarez, Toronto, ON

During the time that Theresa and I worked together, I found her to be very knowledgeable and professional, and co-workers could rely on Theresa'’s support and positive attitude in all aspects of our team initiatives. Theresa's strengths are: •Positive •Honest/trustworthy •Self‐motivated •Well organized •Dedicated •Dependable •Relationship builder •Excellent communicator •Team player •Excellent follow‐up. People working with Theresa can count on these same qualities and dedication and I am happy to highly recommend her.

Tracey Moore-Harrison, Toronto, ON



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